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#100DaysOfCode in

#100DaysOfCode in

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Published on Mar 28, 2021

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Your might be muddled from the title🤔,

Let’s me explain you completely, This Blog contains complete my journey towards the #100DaysOfCode challenge in, It would be quite long to read, So grab some popcorn 🍿and sit back and enjoy by reading, Shall We Begin

Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 10.46.19 AM.png

All it was started from the mindset of developing the skill set in my area of technology, Where i was feel lack of less knowledge, One fine day just randomly going through the blog while surfing in the internet, And came to know the amazing person Rams 👩🏼‍💻 blog, Twitter dynamic name generator , which it looks like interesting and fun too, And then decided to trying out,

Later then I started following her in the twitter, Because her knowledge in writing, Which made me a fascinating to explore more her blogs,

Which I personally like her blog was Vaalkaiblog though it is an old blog which I like it personally, Because it was written on language in தமிழ், Hope she will continue the Vaalkaiblog blog ✍🏻 one day,

You might be wondering, Why all I’m all saying on this story, Because this all dots is about connecting the points,

After few days by Luckily I just won on her giveaway contest, 🎁 Atomic habit , May be this book also one of reason which made me to stick with the habit and staying consistent, Which i finished reading within a two week, From here which made me an interest towards the readings books, Trust me though I’m not the book reading person.

Rams is an developer she also taking up the #100daysofCode Challenge and it has came to an end, On the 100th day she made an announcement of her product, The Product was 🎊 🎉


And Story begins from here, But you might have question

What is is the Chrome extension tool where you can store you daily progress in the tool, Which means that if your taking the #100DaysofCode challenge means, you can post or create your daily task in the tool, Additionally you can add the notes info, links, resource or code snippets in their tool is really user friendly easy to access, From the tool you have option to share the progress in the twitter, If you share by tagging the post with them or taking up their challenge, At end of challenge you will get the exciting the prices, I am using their product since the day of they launched, And they keep on adding up new features too. Trust me it is not a paid promotion 😜 So here is the answer for title, #100DaysofCodes challenge in,

And like to say that tool or chrome extension was completely developed by Rams, Where she use to encourage the all challengers in social media or in the discord channel, Without any hesitation she doing all things was such a great ✨!!

Mostly probably Rams is known as outside for 100daysof.code,

But there is was unsung hero who is behind of all these magics things happened in, That was 💪🏻 Karthi bro

So here kudos to both of them, I am wishing both for great success for their vision and goal 🏆,

Then later Rams made an another announcement from the her product, Is this sound exciting right Yass 🤩 obviously for us, It was # 14daysbreakloop Challenge , Now you might be wondering now what is #14daysofloop Challenge?🤔

What is 14daysbreakloop challenge?

14daysbreakloop is about staying consistent continuously on the 14 days, Should make their progress towards their goals which planed for #100DaysofCodes,

But here i don’t no know 🤷‍♂️ what is the story behind the number of 14 , Why not 7 or 10, We have to ask only to them for answer 😜

But on the each day they will guide you, how you have take this challenge and make it as worthy to achieve your goals,


They will Send PDF resources at each day, Once you gone through pdf resource sure you will get the ideology into mind,

In future there might be conduct lot of #14daysbreakloop challenge.

But here I want register that we are the first batch of #14daysbreakloop Round 1, Recently round 2 has been overed.

In the batch we came across with some awesome peoples, Where we have encouraged each other while in the challenge, Which was community has been arised,

All those guidance happened in the place of discord channel, So if you interested make sure you follow up their challenge and updates.

And 14days has overed just like that, At end of day they made an announcement for winners in the challenge, Again by luckily I just won. Though they have given option to choose the type of prizes, This Sound exciting right 🤩,

But for developing my skill purpose I just choose the course 50 Projects in 50 Days !, which it was much useful to me where I use to brush up my skills trying that courses tutorial on the each day.

After 14daysbreakloop Challenge

After challenge has been overed, I just continue the days, But things are getting fades away slowly 😒, Some ups and down in the life, Feeling less motivation and took some breaks,

A change is as good as a rest!

Review my works why i felt lags,The tool helped me to track the days, which i use post the daily progress,

Then made an review and analyzed the mistake done on the learned concepts then made an correct progress towards its by next month,

Screenshot 2021-03-27 at 1.11.30 PM.png

Some how managed 🧗 till 50 days, Later than myself felt adapting towards the habits, Started exploring the things, Came up with thought of reading books 📖 , Did you remember from the story initially i said Atomic book made an interest towards readings, Yes why not try it out, As personally i had interest in the genre of life changing and general knowledge, Which i believe from readings books one single thought can change your life, Then decided why not make this habit as challenge started #100DaysofReadings , Then made an hash tag of it #10PagesOfBookReading, The challenge is about to read atleast 10pages in the day and it is open challenge, Anyone can participate it,

Apparently I just finished reading the books along with #100DaysofCode challenge, So my list in book shell which i finished reading

  1. Atomic Habits.

  2. Attitude is everything.

  3. So good they can't ignore you (Current Reading)

At end of book reading use to review the book which i personally feels, Though challenge started from the book of Attitude is everthing, and it's review

Side by side my code challenge was going on and I finished my course also which i won from the 14daysbreakloop challenge, Here is my certificate

Later after reading books and made me an interest towards the writing also ✍️ Which i believe that documenting everything learned concepts and sharing to others, And decided to write blog's tutorial which i decided to make it as weekly blog, You can find my blog here

Every Beginning has an End and Every end has a New Beginning

Day has to came to end which was #100DaysofCodes has came to end, Feels like little progress towards my skills and positive vibes, Though 100days of journey was small, But from the journey the things was i earned

  • Stick towards the habits and consistency.

  • Brushed up my technical skills.

  • Started begin in community.

  • Made a good friendship in the community(

  • Started habit of reading books (#10PagesOfBookReading)

  • Started writing the blogs ( #weeklyblogs)

Though i don't have good audience to catch up, I am always happy with what i'm doing where i can explore the things, So final moral of this blog is everyone has own journey in their life, So don't compare your journey with others, In the journey try to be an best version of yourself, That will take you to better place for sure.

Thanks for your time, For reading this blogs, Stay happy and be cool😊!!

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